Why Should You Sell Fireworks?

Here's why! It is a seasonal business where you can make good money in just a few weeks. You even have the potential for high rewards! The risks are limited and definable. Selling Fireworks could help you make money for college. It's also a great way to start a family business. Sure, it will be hard work, but don't worry. Selling fireworks is just plain fun!

Why TNT Fireworks?

The choice is simple! We are America's #1 Bestselling Brand of Fireworks™. We offer outstanding quality, a great selection, and excellent service! Plus:

  • New Business Advising
  • FREE Shipping Available
  • Insurance Assistance


Ready to get started?

Wholesale Program

I want to buy fireworks for resale, and I am at least 18.

Stands & Tents

I am interested in running a stand or tent for TNT.


I would like to buy TNT Fireworks for personal use.

Wholesale Catalog

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Container Program

Buy truckloads direct from China through our container program. We'll advise and assist you through the process from China to your dock.