"No Dud" Guarantee

At TNT® Fireworks, we consistently strive to maintain the highest standard possible in quality and value regarding our products. It is seldom that a TNT® item will not perform as expected, but in the rare event that occurs, we are determined to make things right since customer service is our number one priority. We cannot replace non-performing items, but we will honor our "no dud" guarantee by refunding the price of the item.

How to Claim Your Refund

To obtain a refund for a non-performing item, you must have proof of purchase. All TNT® purchases should come with a receipt. Please send a copy of your receipt to the following address. If you have misplaced your receipt, we must have another form of proof of purchase such as a complete label with a bar code. And, in order to process an accurate refund, we must know the exact name of each item that did not perform correctly and the location where the item was purchased. Also include a brief description of how the item failed to perform. All items must be used in accordance with all labeling instructions.

Refund Request Form

Fill out this form to request a refund. You will receive an email reply shortly with a case number. Please follow the instructions in that email to send us a photo of your proof of purchase. Please allow 3 to 6 weeks to process your refund request.

Mailing Address

Or you may send proof of purchase to:

TNT Fireworks
Attn: Customer Support
P.O. Box 1318
Florence, AL 35631

Please allow 3 to 6 weeks to process your refund request.