Why Should You Sell Fireworks?

Does your school, church, civic group , club or family need to raise funds? Thousands of non-profit groups nationwide use TNT® Fireworks stands and tents as their primary fundraising solution. For many families, teachers and small business TNT Fireworks offers a unique and fun way to earn extra income. Our program is a turnkey package that gives your organization or family the opportunity to earn profits during the 4th of July and New Year's selling seasons.

Coaches & Teachers

Nonprofit groups

Individuals & Families

Why TNT Fireworks?

  • TNT Fireworks is the #1 Consumer Fireworks Brand
  • Profits are determined by sales volume. The more you sell the more you make!
  • TNT® Fireworks provides you with extensive training and full-time Area Manager support
  • Professionally installed facilities (tent or stand)
  • Prime retail location
  • Permits for operation
  • Product liability insurance coverage
  • Delivery of merchandise to your tent
  • Advertising and marketing aids
  • Credit card machine program/support
  • End-of-season merchandise returns center

Ready to get started?

We have team members in your area that can provide training, support, resources and product. We'd love to talk to you about how TNT® Fireworks could be the perfect fit for your organization or family.

Leasing Opportunities

Are you looking for other income opportunities that will draw traffic and excitement to your property? Do you have a Shopping Center parking lot, vacant lot or vacant retail store that you would like to increase traffic while making extra money?

TNT Fireworks Provides:

  • Rental Revenue to Property Owner
  • Liability Insurance
  • TNT Fireworks Obtains all necessary permits
  • Professionally installed facilities (tent or stand)
  • Local TNT Firework’s Area Managers ensure the Stand and Tents on the property exceed our #1 Brand Standard and work with the property owner to ensure any requests are met.