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Firework Aerial Finale Night Watch


Three separate barrages of four shots each starting with four silver rising tail to red star with crackles, then four silver rising tails to green star with crackles and finishing with four silver rising tails with beautiful crackling willow.

Noise 4 star
Altitude 4 star
Colors 3 star
Time 3 star
Overall 4 star

Product Features



Our patented GLO-FUZE® feature helps you identify and locate fuses in poorly lit conditions - a great safety feature! Only TNT® Fireworks brands feature these special glow-in-the-dark fuses (U.S. Patent No. 5,864,084).


No-Dud Guarantee

All TNT® Fireworks feature our renowned "No-Dud" guarantee! In the rare event of a non-performing item, your purchase price will be fully refunded.

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