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Whistling tail up with silvery glitter to red tail up with silvery glitter, red tail up with golden coconut, golden coconut with silvery glitter, whistling tail up with chrysanthemum and green tail up with crackling chrysanthemum.

Noise 4 star
Altitude 5 star
Colors 3 star
Time 3 star
Overall 4 star

This item is eligible for pickup at select TNT® Supercenter locations.

Product Features

Badge glofuze 2


Our patented GLO-FUZE® feature helps you identify and locate fuses in poorly lit conditions - a great safety feature! Only TNT® Fireworks brands feature these special glow-in-the-dark fuses (U.S. Patent No. 5,864,084).

Badge nodud

No-Dud Guarantee

All TNT® Fireworks feature our renowned "No-Dud" guarantee! In the rare event of a non-performing item, your purchase price will be fully refunded.

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